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Wolf Drones Will Help To Empower Your Business!

Drones are evolving beyond their military functions to become powerful business tools. By having drones flown by licensed pilots we help businesses and civil government sectors reduce costs and mitigate risks while providing faster and more accurate inspections. Here at Wolf Drones we are dedicated to all your drone-related needs as we provide end-to-end drone based infrared roof and building envelope inspections. An aerial inspection is quicker than with traditional methods and completed in an entirely non-contact manner. Using our thermal imaging camera powered FLIR we can quickly locate sites of water infiltration faster and more accurately. We help most businesses reduce costs and inspection times by 90%. A planned, frequent and safe aerial inspection program will reduce both costs and risks over the life cycle of your building. Contact us today at (832) 274-2983



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Building Information Modeling

Building Information & Digital Surface Modeling help to streamline your design process.

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We use virtual reality to help you inspect areas from the comfort of your seat.

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Thermal Imaging

A very useful technique for measuring and locating objects that give off heat signatures.

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Orthomosaic Mapping & Digital Surface Models

We are there for you when you need a new perspective on things.

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Construction, Videography & Photography

Our services go hand-in-hand with any blueprint or design plans you may have.

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Interactive 360° Photos

Viewers can move a photo in any direction right from the screen of their desktop or smartphone.

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Search & Rescue Assistance

We are happy to help the community in times of need!

Drone Information

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